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About a not-strange final message

Published on April 20, 2011

*Specially written for Christians* He died in crucifixion because of us, to delete original sin from our souls, and at the end as an act of love to humanity. What do you think from a perspective of your own life, not faith (I am not asking to your rationality, but still is acceptable)? Let me transcript a very different message... this is a farewell-message for explaining why He must die: Meanwhile I stay here, on Earth, with you, under the form of flesh and blood, I cannot be more than an individual in the middle of the world. But, when I can be released from this investiture of mortal nature, then I will come back as Spirit and live into each one of you and other believers, no matter which religion, but those who love each other as much I did in my life here. This way, I will be able to guide you through this life and the remaining dwellings of the future life, in the heaven of heavens. So life in the eternal creation of the Father is not a rest, a neverending idleness o a selfish comfort, but a incessant progression in grace, truth and glory. Because every one of the many dwellings in the house of Father is a temporal place. A designed life in order to prepare you for the next one and so on. Then, children of Light will continue glory by glory until they reach their perfection (in which they'll be equally perfect), in union with the Father. So wherever you are, please reflect for one moment about this message (again, I am not speaking about original sin). I also think death is not the only way to show how much do you love somebody else -but the inherent sacrifice you do symbolically-. I hope you are visiting family, on the beach with friends, having rest for a couple of days, keeping working / preparing for tests, travelling to, praying in the church, attending the represented cruxifixions -procesions- of your town... but please, for one moment in your heart He promises you are not alone because we are connected here and into other worlds and most of all, keep giving love to the others.

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