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Published on June 17, 2011

Supraconsciousness is the instantaneous recognition of the real nature of things. You work for it as long as you develop your imagination, then your inspiration and lately your intuition. All lives in appearance separated, are centers of consciousness, connected via a unity bond. For instance, fingers are separated but join together through metacarpus. If each finger could have intelligence, they'd declare their independence among them and probe it by means of their own movements. So meanwhile consciousness of fingers does not become into supraconsciousness, they will continue believing that their intellect understands everything. If instead, fingers get insight deeper and supraconsciously understand that they are bound through phalanges to the metacarpus and that their life and strength belong to the hand, which is the integral part, thereafter perceive their relationship and interdependence with all the body who really experiences the consciousness of unity. If you know you are one with nature, then you know you are a part of God and not a separated entity, as many used to think. For who is one with nature, feels life within, recognizing that it is the infinite life derived from the whole universal energy from which we have come up as centers of consciousness.

Why is important to love the totality of everything you are? Because when you do, immediately you go beyond social consciousness and raise up above acceptation. You transcend the illusion of time. You only listen to your inner voice. You just follow the path of happiness, and is in that path where truly lies the knowledge of everything what it is.

On the other hand, many of planets are been populated with different forms of life. Then, you must know that the entire infinite universe is your home and all the beings living on earth as well as in other parts of the universe are your brothers and sisters. You are all with everything. We are sparks coming from the whole universal energy. Infinite is life and reveals itself within a big variety of forms and as water of sea and rain are from the same nature than that one from lakes and rivers, the same we are all of us: humans, animals, plants, etc. From the same nature as every manifested and no manifested life. When you understand and feel this, we will form part of a birth... the beginning of a new kind of humanity.

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