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On My Future Plans and Last Message This Year

Published on June 29, 2011

(English Version)

Zocalo (downtown) of Oaxaca: meditating in the quiet thoughts from my childhood.

Dear friends, this year was not only about living in Sweden but also my first experience doing on facebook. I must confess it has been very interesting meeting again some friends I had lost contact in the past, others I have met here, someones I just left one or two years ago and it is surprising starting to know some aspects I could never realize before. In short, I tried following your lives, read about your likings and whereabouts, a full psychological experiment of the interaction we all can have in present time. Thanks also to those who followed my adventures via facebook. I couldn't post everything because of my privacy policy with people whom I have been surrounded. But I tried to be funny with witty remarks and share all my delights, overall with music, about my thoughts and the philosophy of Mystic of Nereid. My research stay at Stockholm is over. I got a lot of experience in one of the fields that professionally I have specialized, that is, reaction mechanisms of organometallic compounds. But the important thing was to know –and has changed my paradigms- about the people of “the eternal ices”. Swedes are people very friendly, affectionate and whom I identified a lot even when other opinions describe them as timids, of quiet silent type or very reserved. Maybe it is because I am like them and that’s why I felt very well looked after. But no doubt winter is very hard; I have not experienced this cold before. Now I am pretty sure that teotihuacan legends about tall, blond people like Quetzalcoatl, are referred to these lands as the origins of these “divine messengers”. On the other hand, I thank God for putting me in a very nice workplace, with the Amazing Group. We called each other this way not to sin in pride but because it is our most used word, when we bumped into a new thing or situation: “It is amazing!” and then we laugh a little of ourselves. I am very happy because what fate made me experience this year. And now, I am moving to Germany. But for me, the important thing is not the name of the city or the place in the world that I have chosen to live in. It’s about what I am going to do. Honestly I felt I lost years looking for answers to questions that never were answered and I forgot to have faith and hope and keep fighting… Of course, that made me also to rewrite my history in a different mode and at the end, I could understand that everything was according to the plan. And now, I have to look for the last object of power before I come back home after a long long trip of 13 years and counting up. September will be a tough month for some of us :( And now I must prepare myself mentally and spiritually for their visit in November. And then, exactly in one year I would like to give you a big surprise, a big announcement. And after it, the Year of the Warrior will begin where Mystic of Nereid will have a very hard test in order to reach a higher degree. This is why I have a lot to do, along with postdoc, and I won’t be able to read you here and I will have no activity on facebook but I will try to share rarely some news here and replying for some messages on my wall. Thanks for your good wishes, someday I will continue looking at some activity here. My peace be with all of you.

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