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Short overview of my previous period 2011-2012

Published on May 22, 2012

This is some sort of update about my last events when I stop writing in my Facebook wall on my day living and thoughts to all my friends. I remember I was posting my remembrance of my life in Stockholm, leaving all my good Swede friends and that beautiful, modern city behind me. I still have good memories of the Amazing Group and many other good people (but I also abandoned the extreme cold weather, the only one thing I don’t miss at all XDDD). After all, I really enjoyed living in Sweden. From that time to now, I am doing my postdoc (the second one) in Würzburg, Germany. Actually it didn’t take too much time for me, to setting up, get acclimatized and used to live in, as well as built up my work environment. This part of Germany called Bavaria embraced me generously; they gave me a warm welcome. There are many Mexicans here, more than in other parts of Europe (which is not major news). In fact, people used to eat much spiced food; you can see in the streets someone using a Mexican hat and other clothes and there are many German customs which are very similar to the ones in Mexico (well, none of this is new, especially for those who have already visited this country). I kept in silence because, in few words, I wanted to have time for reflection. It was not enough my transition time going to Guanajuato for the second time neither my recovery in Stockholm. I licked my scars and in some weekends of deep meditation I found peace. And so, in the same time I was moving to other country again, I decided to go further in my relationship and I said YES to Monica. We got engaged and have been doing some plans together and enjoy our relationship (in a new status) putting all the best of our future in front of us. Something I never lived before. I also took the opportunity to rectify my way and have a better communication with my parents, as a bad decision in the past blocked it somewhat when I moved to Catalonia. And now I come back to honor them and the rest of my family. This year, my Year of the Warrior, I hope I can keep sharing my story life from here or anywhere else I go: postdoc lessons, news posts and favorite music, thoughts from Mystic of Nereid, and as novelty some ‘irreverent’ ideas (like in my old times with other friends) about sharp critics and incorrigible madness, and of course photos and status updates, thus my life in general. LET MY PEACE BE WITH ALL OF YOU Best regards.

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