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About Expectations for 2012

Published on Dec 31, 2011

The global change of consciousness through social networks

Techno and a series of scientific discoveries will allow the change of collective consciousness in 2012. Social networks contribute to this change because hundred of millions of people are gathering through several social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They are sharing and exchanging relevant ideas on specific topics. Never before in the history of mankind had so many people gathered in one same intellectual platform like Facebook which allows to groups for organizing and take action against their governors like we've seen in some countries of the Middle East. Also with social networks, economic world protests have been organized against burguesy. Inevitably, the world is directing towards a global society where there will be a world government. It's time to start seeing ourselves like human beings, with no nationality, race, religion or ethnicity differences. In 2012, we will start seeing ourselves from a cosmic perspective because there will be unprecedented astronomical discoveries. Discoveries like the one on December 5, 2011 where Kepler Observatory made an unprecedented finding of a planet similar to ours in another solar system. This planet was named Kepler 22B and is the first one classified as Earth 2.0, or a twin of our planet, with a rock composition, an atmosphere with gases and the possibility of oceans. It's the smallest planet located in the habitable zone where life can arise. It's the first planet of this kind that has been discovered. A planet so similar to ours that it is possible that someone there is watching to the sky wondering if there's life here. 2012 will bring a collective change in consciousness for human kind through a series of scientific discoveries that will open our minds and hearts to the reality that we are not alone in the universe. 2012 represents a Renaissance, like the one we had 500 years ago with Da Vinci. 2012 is a collective mirror that will allow us to see our greatest virtues, like the ability for love, kindness, human compassion among other great virtues humans are capable of. 2012 will bring great changes in science: medicine, biology, chemistry and astronomy but the greatest change will be the collective change in consciousness that is already taking place with these scientific discoveries. It is time to see ourselves as the cosmic citizens we are.

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