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Published on Oct 31, 2011

Humanity shares the concept of death as a natural biological process that is characterized by the suspension of all of the vital functions of human being. But a wider point of view allows conceiving it also as a spiritual process by which spirit comes out of physical body to continue living in other plane or dimension. Death is just one more step to other form of life with a different frequency. Experiencing death is almost identical as birth. It is more like you are born to other existence… death is just letting your physical body go. It is passing to a new state of conscious where you keep experiencing, seeing, hearing, understanding, laughing and having the possibility to continue growing. Thus, having left behind the body, the soul or spirit goes through a period of convalescence starting to recover its strength free of matter. Clarity of ideas and memory of your life come back slowly, according to your degree of spiritual evolution. Moreover, during this awakening to the spiritual plane/world, you as spirit are never alone: you are assisted and welcome by familiar spirits of those who in life, love attached to. This is a consequence of performance of the Law of Universal Solidarity between both planes. No matter which condition of spirit, it always will be contained by those spiritual beings advocated to your evolution process. In this new world, always supported by more evolved beings, the spirit looks over his/her life, analyzes good and bad decisions, see, listen and talks through thoughts and feelings directly, learn how to sense and support those beings he/she left in matter. Because love and affection gained are links which are not stopped or destroyed with physical separation. To this world we can call it imponderable because is not measurable by human or material laws and within it, spirit must learn how to move without the weight of body or under any law of gravity. In short, death is just the beginning of a more plenty life, where we will find each other again, at some moment, with whom we fought, lived and loved to keep learning and having progress. But this other aspect, along with others I have mentioned to you before, we will start to understand better with much more maturity.

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