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My favorite day of the year

Published on June 23, 2011


Today was rainy. But neither rain nor any other event stops me of celebrating my very special day, year by year, as a tradition since 13 years ago. In Catalonia, it is celebrated as the revetlla de Sant Joan (St. John’s Night) and people used to go to the beach and make fogueres (bonfires) as a kind of ritual for the sun –and the well known party: singing songs, playing games, firecrackers, drinking, etc-. But during the day, it is common to share a special meal, la coca de Sant Joan, a sweetened soft bread filled with fruit jam. So today, I bought something similar and enjoyed along with my coworkers and friends at the Department of Organic Chemistry here. Actually, Swedes were also celebrating as midsommar so I have had a beautiful day with all these wonderful persons and of course, with all of you in facebook. Thank you for your synchrony and promise myself again, to do it even better for the next year ;-)

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