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Tribute to my First Generation of Students: Tontoluenos

Published on Dec 7, 2017

In University of Guanajuato (or maybe just restricted to some Departments of the Division of the Natural and Exact Sciences), there is a tradition after the graduation ceremony of those who finish the bachelor in Sciences: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biology and Biologist Pharmaceutical Chemistry. One day, they plan a Farewell Party in the Department: 1) in the morning, they hire a tamborada (Mexican traditional-band group who play with drums, trumpets and other musical instruments) for dancing and singing walking through the Campus. 2) At midday, they stage a play in one Hall or theater of the city where they set a burlesque of different topics during their careers whereas they wear funny costumes and display different dances and thank to their families with emotive videos. 3) In the afternoon, they walk through the streets to the greenery, restaurants and food stands of the Olla dam, a very famous, representative place of the city. During this walk, a tanker truck provides them some “crazy water” (the alcoholic beverage invented by students here) so when they arrive to the dam, they are almost crazy, super dizzy. 4) By night, they are eating, singing and dancing with loud music and their families and professors are also there. Then someone makes a fire and they burn their coats (used during their scholar time) as a symbol they have finished the University and are graduated now. On the other hand, Tontoluenos (it sounds like Silly-lenes although the name comes from Toluene) have been my first generation. I mean, when I entered to work into this University, they were the freshmen attending to my lecture (General Chemistry) and I became fond of them. I started to get related to other students because of them. They have been a very sociable generation, good spirit, open-mind people. I think they have good sense for business and they know how to combine a hard-working day at the lab with a good talk and vibes while drinking heavily at the bar. Definitely, I was the Professor at the beginning, but I became their friend at the end. And they are my friends, my dear colleagues. I will miss Tontoluenos in the University. Thank you for accompanying me to start how to be a good Professor.

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