Past Members of the Agency


Visitors / Postdoc Fellows

Abril Carolina Castro Aguilera (PhD)​
Currently at Hylleraas Centre for Quantum Molecular Sciences,
                     University of Oslo, Norway

Former PhD Students

Eloy Rodriguez de Leon (M.Sc.)
Ph.D. thesis: Partial Synthesis, Computational Study of the Mechanism of Formation, Use in the Synthesis of Polymers and Evaluation of the Vasorelaxant Activity of Carotenoids Obtained From (3R,3'R,6'R)-Lutein (in Spanish)
Main Supervisor of Thesis: Prof. Dr. Mamadou Moustapha Bah (Autonomous University of Queretaro)
Angel Gomez Renteria (Ph.D.)
Ph.D. thesis: Synthesis of Nitrogenated Heterocycles via a MCR/Post-transformation Protocol and Computational and Biological Activity Studies (in Spanish)
Main Supervisor of Thesis: Prof. Dr. Maria del Rocio Gamez Montaño

Former Master Students

Edgar Salvador Fuentes Encinas (B.Sc.)​​

Main Supervisor of thesis: Dr. Gustavo Rangel Porras

Jaime Maldonado Estudillo (B.Sc.)​​

B.Sc. thesis: Structure-Property of poly(Ester-Uretanes) (PEUS): The Effect of Linear Aliphatic Diols [OH(CH2)mOH] Used as Chain Extenders (in spanish)

Main Supervisor of thesis: Dr. Jose Eduardo Baez Garcia

Oscar F Gonzalez Belman (M.Sc.)​​

M.Sc. thesis: The Role of the Metal in the Dual-Metal Catalyzed Hydrophenoxylation of Alkynes (in english)  Double Degree signed with University of Girona (Catalonia)

Co-supervisor of thesis: Dr. Albert Poater i Teixidor (Universitat de Girona)

B.Sc. thesis: New Rhodium Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity (in spanish)

                     Main Supervisor of Thesis: Dr. Oracio Serrano Torres


Former B.Sc. Students

Luis Alberto Segura Quezada (B.Sc.)

B.Sc. thesis: Chlorination, Bromination and Nitration of Arenes Using the System PhIO/AlX3 (X = -Cl, -Br, -(NO3). Computational Study of Nitration. (in Spanish)

Main Supervisor of Thesis: Dr. Cesar Rogelio Solorio Alvarado

Paola Denisse Falcón Torres (B.Sc.)

B.Sc. thesis: Structure-Property in Oligomers Derived From Aliphatic Polyesters: Effect of Linear and Branched Groups. (in Spanish)

Main Supervisor of thesis: Dr. Jose Eduardo Baez Garcia

Ignacio Migliaro (B.Sc.)

B.Sc. thesis: Computational Study of the Oxidative Addition of Heteroatom Trihalides to a Pt(0) Complex and the Search for Global Minima in Molecular Systems by means of a Simulated Annealing Algorithm (in Spanish)

Co-supervisor of thesis: Dr. Jose Luis Cabellos Quiroz (Universidad de Sonora)

Currently at the University of North Texas doing his PhD under supervision of
Prof. Dr. Thomas R. Cundari