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PhD Students

Daniel Eduardo Trujillo González (M.Sc.)

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1993. I got my B.Sc. degree as environmental engineer by Santo Tomas University (2016). In 2017, I went to IPN (National Polytechnique Institute, Mexico city) where I obtained my M.Sc. degree (2019). My work is focused on theoretical chemistry. Now, I have begun my PhD at the University of Guanajuato under the supervision of Dr. Oscar Jimenez-Halla and Dr. Gerardo Gonzalez-Garcia and Prof. Dr. Miquel Solà (University of Girona, Catalonia).

Co-supervisors of thesis: Prof. Dr. Miquel Solà i Puig (Universitat de Girona)

                                                Dr. Gerardo González García

Anderson Alvarez Quesada (M.Sc.)​​

I was born in Cascajal-Bolívar, Colombia in 1993 where I had my primary and secondary education. After that, I went to Cartagena-Colombia in 2010 where I did my B.Sc. studies in Chemistry. I obtained my degree from University of Cartagena in 2016 with the thesis entitled “synthesis and characterization of ferrites of niobium-molybdenum and ferrous molybdate supported by carbon aerogels for the thiophene hydrodesulfurization”. I did my M.Sc. in Chemistry at University of Guanajuato (2018-2020). Currently I am working in my project of Ph.D. thesis about applications of oligoboranes under supervision of Dr. Gerardo Gonzalez-Garcia and Dr. J. Oscar C. Jimenez-Halla.

Main Supervisor of thesis: Dr. Gerardo González García

M.Sc. thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of Oligoboranes.

Oscar Francisco Gonzalez Belman (M.Sc.)​​

I was born in Silao, Guanajuato in 1991. I finished my high school studies in 2010 and in the last semester I felt interested in chemistry when I participated in an Chemistry Olympiad. During my stay in the University of Guanajuato I felt attracted by organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. After completion of my Chemistry degree in 2014, I worked in the Chemical Clean enterprise. Later, I did a research stay at the A Poater group where I obtained my M.Sc. double degree between Universities of Girona and Guanajuato (2018). Then, I started my own bussiness on formulation and production of ecological detergents. My PhD thesis involves the study of new heterocycles and polymerization reactions using p-block compounds.

M.Sc. thesis: The Role of the Metal in the Dual-Metal Catalyzed Hydrophenoxylation of Alkynes (in english)  Double Degree signed with University of Girona (Catalonia)

Co-supervisor of thesis: Dr. Albert Poater i Teixidor (Universitat de Girona)

B.Sc. thesis: New Rhodium Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity (in spanish)

                     Main Supervisor of Thesis: Dr. Oracio Serrano Torres

Leonardo Israel Lugo Fuentes (M.Sc.)

I was born in 1997 in San Francisco del Rincon, Guanajuato. When I was in high school, I had participated in many chemistry contests and lectures. This prompted me to study chemistry at the University of Guanajuato and move to Guanajuato city. Since I enrolled into the first courses, I met Dr. Jimenez-Halla who teaches in Differential and Integral Calculus and he brought my attention to computational chemistry. Then, I decided to work with him. Dr. Jimenez-Halla taught me the basics of computational chemistry and I loved it. Nowadays, I am in the last year of my career working on a project involving gold complexes in collaboration with Dr. Rong Shang (Hiroshima University). During my free time, I love to play guitar and keyboards as well as reading and videogames.

Co-supervisor of thesis: Dr. Rong Shang (University of Hiroshima)

                                  Dr. Joaquín Barroso Flores (CCIQS UAEM-UNAM)

M.Sc. thesis: A Theoretical Study of New Boron Ligands on the Activation of Small Molecules by a Diboron-Phosphine Ligand and on the Electronic Properties of BoronContaining Heterocyclic Carbene (BNC) Gold Complexes.

B.Sc. thesis: Computational Study of Dimetallene Reactions, R-M=M-R (M = Al or Ga), with Iminoboranes and Reactivity with Gold(I) Complexes.

Check on Leo's list of scripts and softwares developed for computational chemistry free to use in GitHub.


Master Students

Cinthya Karina Prieto García (Ch.E.)​​

I was born in Aguascalientes city in 1999, but I grew up in Loreto, Zacatecas. During my time in High School, I used to participate in Chemistry and Physics Olympiads. It was then when I found my passion for science. I studied Chemical Engineering at the Technological Institute of Aguascalientes. Before finishing my studies, I participated in a summer research program with Dr. Jimenez-Halla where I met computational chemistry for the first time and I love it. In addition to this, I made my professional residence in the Advanced Materials Research Center (CIMAV), Monterrey, where I continued learning computational chemistry. Since 2018, I disseminate science, especially astronomy, physics, and chemistry through social networks with my project “Cúmulo científico” (@cumulocientifico). Thanks to this, I have participated in several scientific events bringing lectures and workshops for children and adults. Nowadays, I am doing a master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico. Also about me, I love solving and collecting Rubik’s cube variations and my drawing technique is really good.

Co-supervisor of Thesis: Dr. Felipe Fantuzzi (University of Kent, UK)

Click on this link to visit my social networks

Darien Isaac Martínez Valencia (Ch.E.)​​

I was born in 1997, in Tapachula, Chiapas, a small town in southern Mexico, near of Guatemala border. I studied Chemical Engineering, in the Technology Institute of Tapachula. I had the opportunity to assist in some research stays. In 2019, I met Dr. Oscar Jiménez Halla and University of Guanajuato through a scientist program of research stays by the Mexican Science Academy. In that time, I did a research report about a computational study of multicomponent reactions, which allowed me obtained my bachelor’s degree. I was awarded two times in national essays contests (2018, by Economic Culture Fund; and 2020, by University of Veracruz–International University Book Fair). One of my main objectives is to become a professional disseminator of Science.

Co-supervisor of Thesis: Dr. David Cruz Cruz

M.Sc. thesis: Effect of the Lewis Adduct in the Mechanism of the Grignard Reaction. Isolobal Analogy with the Chemistry of Dialanes. (In spanish)

Sergio López Azpeitia (B.Sc.)

I was born in Zapopan, Jalisco, in 1995. My first approach to chemistry was at the Centro de Bachillerato Tecnologico, Industrial y de Servicios, in the city of Arandas, near to Guadalajara city. Later, I obtained my degree in Chemistry at the University of Guadalajara (CUCEI), where I  studied reduction of ketones by using Ir, Rh and Ru bifunctional catalysts. After university, I worked for a couple of years: initially as a chemist in the area of alternative fuels and then as an analytical chemist at PISA pharmaceuticals. Currently, I am doing a master's degree at the University of Guanajuato. My research is focused on the nucleation of Ga-N clusters both experimental and computationally. I really enjoy traveling, meeting new people and learning new things.

Main Supervisor of Thesis: Dr. Oracio Serrano Torres

Undergraduate Students

Jose Ramon.JPG
José Ramón Gárate Ruiz

I was born in 2000, in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco. Since a child, I was interested in natural sciences. During my time on high school, I decided to study chemistry. I got accepted at the University of Guanajuato, where I am still studying to become a chemist graduate. In my first years of career, I met Dr. Oscar, and he introduce me to wonders of theoretical and computational chemistry. I decided to approach myself to the Private Investigator Agency of Molecules, and nowadays I am studying hard and preparing myself to become a molecule investigator.

Kazuhiro Santos Tanamachi

I was born in 2001 in Leon, Guanajuato. Since I was a child, I have questioned myself about the functioning of things around me. This curiosity drove me to natural sciences, specially those oriented to the study of matter. This way, I ended up studying chemistry at Universidad de Guanajuato. When I met Dr. Halla, he showed me the beautiful way to understand the world through maths. From that moment on, I decided I wanted to understand the structure and interactions of matter using mathematical descriptions. Eventually, I became interested in the theoretical work at the Private Investigator Agency of Molecules.

Victor Alonso Lucas Rosales (Zeus)

I was born in Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, in 2000. Since I was a child I found curiosity in the behavior of numbers. I was fascinated by finding and playing with the patterns that are generated when operating with them. Later, I transferred this passion to the language of Chemistry. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to participate in different academic competitions in fields such as mathematics, physics and chemistry but my most important participation was in the Chemistry Olympiad, which is a program by the Mexican Academy of Sciences (AMC). I participated two years in a row in the National Chemistry Olympiad (ONQ) where I managed to consolidate excellent results. During this stage, I was trained in the art of chemistry like a child is taught a new language. After this, I started a bachelor's degree in mathematics at the Department of Mathematics (DEMAT) at the University of Guanajuato (August 2018). However, because of my love and passion for Chemistry, in January 2019, I got enrolled into the Chemistry Department, where I met Dr. Halla in the second semester, specifically in the Integral Calculus course. In this subject, I beat the highest academic marks historically in this course (Dr Halla nicknamed me 'Zeus'). Nowadays, my passion for numbers and chemistry has led me to join this Agency where I train my theoretical-computational skills by elucidating reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry.

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